Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exam Prep

Tomorrow we will begin our exam. It is designed to take you about 2-3 hours of class time. Why do we have an exam?

1. Assess the students progress. Has the student mastered the skills required?
2. Assess the class/teacher progress. Has the class "missed" something? Does one class get it and the other doesn't? This is the data I analyze.
3. Compare this years class to previous years. Have the different methods and procedures I have used improved the class performance?

This is why I need everyone to take the exam and to do your best. I appreciate your effort and I am actually excited (believe it or not) to see what each of you produce.

Some reminders on what you need to be able to do (possible review points today??):

Internet Literacy:
1. Basic HTML set-up.
2. Insert images. Link pages. Create tables.
3. Create usable, accessible page.
4. Utilize basic tools (moviemaker, voki, google forms, etc...).

Web 2:
1. Create and manage a site.
2. Basic layout (without templates).
3. Insert images. Link pages. Create tables.
4. Create usable, accessible page.
5. Create citation page.
6. Create basic Flash documents.
7. Create an image map.

Web 3:
1. Create a basic Flash document.
2. Utilize buttons.
3. Insert sound.
4. Create usable, accessible page.

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