Monday, June 02, 2008

Tech Fair

The Technology Fair is tonight at SHS from 5-7pm. I would love it if some of you came to demonstrate what we do (extra credit). Let me know if you can do it (please do!).

I will post the winners of the three contests tonight.

I will be working today on grading projects and preparing for the fair tonight. Please give me a chance to do that (shh!).

Web4: The thinkquest winners have been posted. They are very impressive. I received the feedback from the judges and will return that to you today.

Today in class:

Web 2 and Web 4:
Work on the evaluation of the project. We spent four weeks on this project so be sure to take time to reflect properly on your work. If you do this right it should take you two days.

Web 1:
Prepare a website that would teach a toddler how to count to ten. This will be challenging. How will you approach this problem? What tools will you use (Flash, Fireworks, Voki, Scratch, Audacity, Moviemaker)?

  • How do toddlers learn best? Can they use the mouse?
  • What colors do they like?
  • How will you recognize different learners and diversity?
  • How will you incorporate sound (hint: you have to have sound!)?

Have some fun with this. This is your final assignment before we start our final exam. I am looking for clean code that works!!

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